Hiking and Trails

New Hazelton and its surrounding areas offer a number of pristine hikes and trails for every skill level. Everyone from experienced mountaineers in search of an adventure to the young and elderly looking for a picturesque stroll can find the perfect trail. The following is a guide of the hikes and trails closest to New Hazelton. For information on these or any other hikes and trails please contact the Visitor Centre

Blue Lakes Trail

This trail takes you 5km to beautiful blue alpine lakes, flower meadows and glaciers.

For more information and directions please contact the Visitor Centre.

New Hazelton Lookout Trail

This 20-30 minute trail is at the base of Roche De Boule Mountain and takes you to a lookout from which you will experience a breathtaking view of the Hazelton area.

Directions: Take Highway 16 to the intersection at Geraco Industrial Supplies (Laurier St.) Here you turn and go up the steep hill. Continue going straight to 13th Ave. Across from here is the entrance to the trail.

Hagwilget Peak Trail

This hike is for experienced hikers and climbers only and branches off from Station Creek Trail. It is 4-6 hours up and 3-5 hours down.

For more information and directions please contact the Visitor Centre.

Station Creek Trail

This is a 5-6 hour hike that ends in a large alpine bowl on the north end of the Roche DeBoule Mountain Range

Directions: If you are going east through New Hazelton turn right on Laurier St. take a left onto 13th. Ave. then take a right onto McBride St. You may want to park here. Take a gravel road that is off to the left for 1.8km. Stay on the main road, you should pass the water treatment station. Park at the blue gate and walk along the road. Look for a sign on the left hand side that marks the beginning of the trail.

Hagwilget Canyon Trail

This short but steep hike takes you down the Hagwilget Canyon below the bridge. You can walk along the ancient river rocks washed up by the powerful Bulkley River. You can continue to an outcropping of rock and a small sandy area, perfect for a picturesque picnic.

Directions: Park in the turn off on the New Hazelton side of the Hagwilget Bridge. Walk up the road (away from the bridge) and you will reach a sign about the trail and see the trail heading down the canyon. There are benches along the way for you to stop and rest. You will come to a flat area with outhouses and picnic tables. From there you can continue down to the river bed and along the rocks to an outcropping and small sandy beach.

New Hazelton Boardwalk

This is a great short walk right in town. It takes you through a scenic wetland and is perfect for a family adventure.

Directions: For directions and more information please contact the Visitor Information Centre.  

Rain Maker Trail

This is a wonderful hike in beautiful Ross Lake Provincial Park. It takes you 2.5km around the lake. You will be transported into serenity as you walk along the shoreline and listen to the loons.

Directions: Travel along highway 16 towards Smithers and follow the signs to the turn off for Ross Lake. Travel along the dirt road and turn off at the boat launch. You will find a sign for the trail by the outhouses. 

Eagle Down Trail 

This is a beautiful community walking trail that goes from Old Hazelton all the way to the Hagwilget Bridge. This walk takes around an hour and is a great opportunity to experience both the gorgeous scenery and get a sense of the community in the area.

Directions: For more information contact the Tourist Information Centre in New Hazelton or go to the Tourist Kiosk in Old Hazelton. You can also just look for the trail beside highway 62.