Northwest Fire Centre Update: Spring in the Northwest Fire Centre

The Northwest Fire Centre has been a flurry of activity in preparation for this year’s wildfire season.

We have been welcoming back firefighters and seasonal staff since the end of February and at this point all of our returning staff are back at work. Many of our crew members have been busy working on projects in the community, completing training and responding to fires.

Holdover fires are those that burn overwinter, often underground, and have the potential to resurface as conditions warm and dry. Because fall conditions were conducive to holdover fires, we have been actively working to detect whether there is remaining heat on last season's fires. We achieve this through UAV scanning, as well as air and ground patrols. At this point there are no active holdover fires in the Northwest Fire Centre but we continue to monitor them.

There are also things the public can do to prepare themselves and their communities for the upcoming season. We encourage you to visit the Be wildfire ready website for information about how to make an emergency plan and protect your home, how to stay informed and more.

Spring 2024 Seasonal Outlook:

Be Wildfire Ready:

Fire Bans and Restrictions:

Wildfire Map:

Mobile App Reference Guide:

Contact Information
Northwest Fire Centre Information Officer

Phone #250-876-6844


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