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Update #4 on Train Derailment January 23, 2018

JANUARY 23, 2018


The removal of the rail cars from the stream side of the bed was completed on Sunday night during a scheduled track closure. 

Now that the rail cars have been removed, crews were able to safely begin a better assessment of the area throughout the day yesterday. 

The site has now been prepped for the removal of the bulk of the coal from the stream side of the tracks.  Mission Creek has been divided into segments and coal removal will be done segment by segment.

Estimates of coal quantities are being calculated now that the crews have safe access to the whole site on the stream side of the tracks. 

Clean up continues and further updates will be provided as information becomes available. 

The District of New Hazelton appreciates the efforts being put forth by the Ministry of Environment, Environment Canada and CN Rail to keep the public informed of this incident and mitigating the risks to Station Creek.

Mayor Gail Lowry

District of New Hazelton

Contact Information:  Wendy Hunt, Chief Administrative Officer,