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Request for Quotes

District of New Hazelton
Annual Bedding Plants and Baskets, 2018

Quotations must be received on or before February 2, 2018 at 3:00 pm.
District of New Hazelton
Attn: Chris Lawrence
3026 Bowser St
New Hazelton, B.C. V0J 2J0
Fax: 250-842-6077
Quotes may be delivered by hand or courier at the above address, via facsimile
to the stated number, or to the given email.
Inquiries are to be presented in writing by email or fax with reference to the Request For
Quote (RFQ) to: or 250-842-6077.
Chris Lawrence
Public Works Superintendent

Request For Quote Terms and Conditions Introduction

1.   This Request For Quote (RFQ) is being released by the District of New Hazelton in prospect of
attaining a supplier with an established knowledge of horticulture.
2.  The District of New Hazelton will select only one supplier for the flower baskets and bedding
3.  Suppliers are responsible for their own expenses, if any, in preparing and submitting their
quotation, and, if successful, finalizing an agreement.

4.  The District of New Hazelton may modify the RFQ before the quote due date. If you have already
submitted your quotation you will be updated via email with the relevant information. [Information
must be acknowledged upon receipt.]

5.  The supplier must immediately notify the District of any discrepancies or omissions they find
in their submitted quotation. They may choose to withdraw their quotation and submit the revised
quotation, or forward a correction notice to the District. Any withdrawals or corrections must be
submitted up to 24 hours before the deadline. After this time the quotation will be deemed as

6.  Each quote shall include the company name as well as the name of the person(s) authorized to
represent the company in negotiating and signing any agreement which may result from the quotation.

7.  The supplier must provide the names and current phone numbers of at least two individuals to be
used as references.


1.   Criteria for evaluation of received quotations may include, but not be limited to: Cost of
Response time Qualifications
2.  The lowest quotation will not necessarily be accepted.


1.   Subject to section 2 of the terms, the term of this agreement commences on January 1st, 2018
and will conclude on December 31st, 2019.

2.  This agreement may be extended for an additional year, based on satisfactory performance of the
supplier and budgetary approvals.

3.  This agreement shall be initiated by written notice for the first year, which may be renewed
with notice by December 1st of the current year.

4.  Quantities will be based on 2017 amounts. However, annual orders will be conditional on
budgetary approvals. The District of New Hazelton reserves the right to increase or decrease any
quantities than those specified.

5.  This agreement may be terminated by either party within six (6) months written notice.

The Supplier must:
1.   Supply and deliver the bedding plants and hanging baskets.

2.  Plants are to be delivered to the District of New Hazelton Public Works.

3.  All plants must be hardened off, vigorous and in a healthy state prior to delivery.

4.  Plants of poor quality may be refused or accepted at no cost to the District of New Hazelton.

5.  The District may consider substitutions for some varieties, of equal or greater value; however,
this decision will be under the discretion of the Public Works Superintendent.

6.  Subject to award, the successful applicant will be required to provide a thirty (30) day
warranty on the product delivered.