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Fitness Center Operator Position

Fitness Center Operator




The District of New Hazelton requests resumes from individuals or organizations to operate the New Hazelton Fitness Center beginning on September 5, 2017. This contract is for a period of one year ending August 31, 2018 however may be terminated by either party at any time with one (1) month notice. The resumes are to be received by 4:00 pm, Friday, August 18, 2017 either via email at or at the district office located at 3026 Bowser Street, New Hazelton, BC.


Proposed Hours:          25 hours per week;

5 hours per weeknight, 4 pm to 9 pm;

Closed Statutory Holidays;


Compensation:            The operator will be paid a flat rate of $584 every two weeks, and will not be compensated for days the Fitness Center is closed (usually holidays                                     and sometime around Christmas)


Stipulations:                The operator must supply a fitness center supervisor, who is of the age of majority, and completes a criminal record check.  This supervisor will                                         commence daily duties during the hours of operations.


                                    The contractor will NOT be an employee of the District of New Hazelton;

                                    The contract will not include provisions for vacation pay, any sort of benefits or District seniority.


Resumes should include contact information and relevant qualifications of the applicant.  The proposals will be judged on those merits and the top applicants under those criteria will be contacted for an interview.


For more information about this request for proposal, please contact Wendy at the District of New Hazelton, either by phone (250) 842-6571 or email  The District thanks all applicants for their interest in the contract position.