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Fire Bans and Restrictions

Please follow the links below for the latest publications on fire bans in the province, or click here to view bans and restrictions listed by region. You can also view an interactive map of all the fires in the province here.

Northwest Fire Centre Campfire Ban - More Information                                                      08 Aug 2018

Open burning and campfires are currently prohibited throughout the Northwest Fire Centre. If people would like to apply for an exemption, the process is to contact the Wildfire Prevention Officer and request permission. However, the Northwest Fire Centre is not entertaining exemptions at this time.

Often, campfire prohibitions still allow the use of CSA-rated or ULC-rated cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes, or of portable campfire apparatus that use briquettes, liquid fuel or gaseous fuel, as long as the height of the flame is less than 15 cm tall. However, in extreme fire conditions these may also be prohibited.

Often, other activities are also prohibited when Category 2 open fire and/or campfire prohibitions are in force, these include:

Larger fires (Category 2 and Category 3)
Burning barrels and burning cages
Fireworks, fire crackers, sky lanterns
Binary exploding targets

In regards to Indigenous Smoke Houses, open fires traditionally used for smoking purposes would fall under the open fire prohibition. However, electric  or gas burning apparatuses, as outlined above, could be used as an alternative to an open burning fire as long as the flame and other requirements stays within perimeters.

Northwest Fire Centre Campfire Ban and Category 2 & 3 open burning prohibtion          01 Aug 2018


Northwest Fire Centre Campfire Ban and Category 2 & 3 open burning prohibtion          30 July 2018


Bulkley Valley Smoke Warning 26 July 2018

Haida Gwaii    25 July, 2018

Kamloops    25 July 2018